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Natural Energy Healings


Mediumship Readings Toni Horsley

Mediumship Reading

With a mediumship reading, Toni will connect with your loved ones in spirit and bring through evidence of their continued existence.  She may work psychically and tune in to what is happening in your life.  Readings can be exciting and emotional and leave you with a deep sense of peace. 

Energy Healing

An energy healing will usually consist of balancing the seven major chakras (energy centres in the body), re-aligning the body on a skeletal, organ and system level, removing any emotional energy blocks (trauma stored within the body) and balancing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.  These sessions are deeply relaxing and transformational.  The effects can be felt immediately and are often long lasting.    These sessions can be in-person or through distance healing online. 

Energy Healing Toni Horsley
Distance Healing and Medium Readings

Intuitive Bodywork

Bodywork sessions are conducted in Mittagong NSW in my treatment rooms.  In a session, I will be guided by what your body needs and will combine a multitude of techniques to re-align and balance the body's organs, systems and skeleton.  I work on all levels to balance the mind, body and spirit.  

Animal Session

Many clients have been amazed at how effectively I can help their animal.  These sessions may include communication with your animal and energy work.  The healing involves skeletal alignment, energy and system balancing.  They can have a profound emotional effect on the animal.  

Animal Healing
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Gift Certificate

Would you like to share a gift of healing or mediumship with someone special?  Gift certificates are available for purchase and can be an amazing present for someone who has everything or someone who would like to spend some extra moments connecting with their loved ones who have passed.  

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