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Toni Horsley Spiritual Medium and Healer

Would you like to connect with your loved ones in spirit and spend some time in their presence?

 Toni is a spiritual medium who is renowned for helping people heal through evidential mediumship.


Hi, I'm Toni and I'm a Spiritual Medium and Healer based in the Southern Highlands of NSW, Australia.  


Transformation can take place in many forms and my specialty is healing through evidential mediumship and energy healing.  When you connect with a loved one in spirit and spend those extra moments with them, the healing and peace that can be achieved is both undeniable and remarkable. It would be my honour to do for you as I have done for so many others.  


I look forward to connecting with you,

Toni Horsley
Energy Healer Toni Horsley

"In a world that needs healing,

there are so many healers.  

And then there is Toni.  Her capacity to heal through her work is quite extraordinary on so many levels."

- Caroline Ward
Master Coach, The Shifting Space

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